Cold Chain Logistics

The complex global distribution chain with multitudes of transportation modes requires a global focus from regulators, health service and food service providers to ensure that temperature sensitive products are transported in accordance with Good Distribution Practices. The demand for temperature controlled supply chain in the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors including, biological and active materials, diagnostics, and research and investigational materials requires organizations to focus on the compliance and operational requirements of temperature sensitive supply chain optimization, logistics, temperature measurement qualification, mapping, and cold chain packaging.


Victrix uses end-to-end, process-based approaches and methodologies to help organizations solve their most challenging cold chain issues. Victrix's unique combination of skills, expertise, approaches, and tools help organizations keep materials in defined temperature ranges, comply with GMP and non-GMP regulations while increasing efficiencies.


• Protective Packaging, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification
• Ambient Temperature Profile and Stability Data
• Track & Trace Technology, Notifications, and Documentation
• Quality Systems, Monitoring, and Auditing Process
• Stakeholder Training
• Operational Performance
• Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operation

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